Funded by European Commission

SWARM (Software driven Smart Antenna powered by RF MEMS Technology ) is an HORIZON 2020 project financed by the EU Commission under the call H2020-SMEINST-2-2015. sofant swarm The project costs are EUR 2,817,658.75 with an EU grant of EUR 1,972,361.13. Sofant’s disruptive SmartAntenna innovation is based on a patent-protected programmable RF MEMS (Radio Frequency – Micro Electro Mechanical System). This results in significant energy usage reduction and doubling of battery life within the mobile device while, at the same time, achieving best signal strength consistency through a focused link to the transmission mast. Battery life and connectivity are key problems for the rapidly growing global mobile device market.


RF MEMS based Ka Band Phased Array Antenna Prototype RF MEMS based Ka Band Phased Array Antenna Prototype

Funded by European Space Agency

The Sofant sub-array is primarily targeted at Value Added Manufacturers (VAM’s) who would integrate many Sofant sub-arrays into their Satellite Terminal (up to 256/per terminal). Sofant is also talking to multiple Satellite Operators and exploring additional opportunities for the technology.

The key needs we trying to address are:

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compact size/low profile
  • Low cost
  • Wide scan angle range for some applications
  • These requirements are balanced against the need to achieve G/T and EIRP requirements to ensure acceptable quality of service

The solution is targeted at two of the major satellite operators, both whose satellites have a global reach, both are European headquartered. Target VAM partners are located in the UK, but the end customers will be worldwide.